February has been a bad month for me, I'm -$60 since the start of the month and on a slippery slope downwards. I can't put my finger on it but confidence has taken a beating. At the end of last month I was 6 tabling $3.50 games, now I'm back to 1 tabling $1.50. I do study my game but I think I'll have to delve into my history and see if I'm doing anything wrong.

Luckily I own HEM2. I won a $50 bonus for KO'ing a player back in August that was transferred to me via Paypal. Instead of lifting it out, I put the extra cash to it and purchased the software. At the start it confused me, there was simply too much information to take in and my game suffered. Now however I feel it is an indespensible tool for both analysing my game and multi tabling. My ROI hasn't improved but until my downswing I was able to keep a decent ROI while adding more tables. When (not if) I get my form back, I'll be able to crank up the tables again and have a decent year.

I only use 3 stats, VPiP, PFR and Agg Factor.

VPiP tells me how often a player enters a pot, a high VPiP means a player is very loose while a low VPiP means a player is very tight. You can adopt your game to each type but I generally find most players like to see action and have a wide calling range.

PFR tells me how often they raise pre flop. Again a high PFR means a loose maniac while a very low PFR means they only raise premiums. Most of my opponents fall into very high or very low. Again it can tell you about their hand range.

Finally Agg Factor tells me how aggressive they are on the flop, turn and river. This is a trickier stat to read because you need to judge in the other 2 stats with it but generally a higher AggF means a more aggressive player.

Before I had notes on players like "JTs utg limp", HEM2 won't tell me specific hands but a VPiP of 75% will tell me that JTs is a very likely limp under the gun. While a 2% PFR will tell me that only AA and KK will be a raise. A player betting into me with a very low AggF will tell me he most likely has the stone cold nuts so unless I've a very draw heavy board I should be out of the hand.

Of course these are extremes and 95% of players will fall into somewhere in between but I understand how low stakes logic goes and I can (until the end of January at least) exploit their mistakes.

The beauty of poker is you don't have to be the best. I know there are a lot more better players than me, some understand the game inside out but their the players I try and avoid. Anyone can get lucky but making less mistakes than your opponents will win in the long run.

My goals for this year haven't changed. I'd still like to hit silver star by March and have 10,000 VPPs by the end of the year. I'd like to hit the right level where I have a healthy ROI v's the max amount of tables. The 10,000 VPP's should be worth around a $400 bonus, any extra's like leaderboard prizes can be added at the end of the year. The bottom line is I want to max out my profits at the highest level I can beat. I understand the game gets harder the further up the ladder I move.

If I can figure out how to post graphs I'll post up a few.