My game took a hammering yesterday, I could do nothing right. Profits that had been built up during the week were wiped out in a day. I ended up losing cash over the 7 days, I can't remember the last time that happened. I didn't even worry about placing on the leaderboard, my bad start and Black Saturday put paid to that.

Hands like AKs v AA with 5 BB's were unavoidable while coinflip hands like Q8s v 22 just couldn't win, other hands like losing with QQ v 88 on the bubble of a $5 multi were just downright cruel. The problem with these is it affects your game and you start making stupid mistakes - raising 76s v's a person with a VPiP of 80% is downright stupid so my downswing was a mix of bad beats, coinflips and bad play.

I realise my mistakes, which is a good thing and today is the start of a new week and a new leaderboard. I checked out the players at $7 which I need to move to and they are the same players I'm crushing at $3.50. Black Saturday will prevent me from moving there - at least for another week. I'm bankrolled to go there but I need the confidence behind me to beat it.

I'm 65 points off my first $10 bonus and I've already earned $30 for finishing on the Mars leaderboard 2 weeks ago so money added by Pokerstars adds to my ROI (even if it was -4% last week)

Till next time, good luck at the tables (except against me)