Hi all, Ovalman here and we'll see how long this lasts. Hopefully I'll use this blog to help me improve as I've just lost 7 straight STT's in a row so I've taken a break to write this. I came 17th on last weeks battle of the planets leaderboard but I won't get anywhere on a run like that.

I'm from Belfast, Northern Ireland and my username is the football ground where my local team play, Glentoran FC who play at the Oval, I'm not fat nor round, honest! I've been playing 8 years and consider myself a pretty experienced micro stakes STT and MTT player with a healthy ROI on all sites (Sharkscope enabled, 15% in 3,700 games) I've been registered for PS since 2005 but I've only started playing seriously on here since May last year.

Last year I worked through 3500 VPP's, I'd like to treble that and go for 10,000 this year. I'd also like to move to Silver Star ASAP, this means playing around 28 VPP's per day, it doesn't sound like much but I'm playing $3.50 STT's. By aiming for 10k I'm also getting a nice bonus, I should get 2 x $50 plus 5 x $10 = $150, add that to possible STT leaderboard prizes and FPP points I should end up with around $400 which equals around 20%+ rakeback on my play.

I started my challenge on the 23/1/12, since then I've completed 273 games at an average ROI of 18%. I frequently 6 table games but this is new to me, last year I was playing 2 at most. As I get more confident I'll add more tables and/ or move up stakes.

Finally I can be found at Limit STT's, I like NL but the Limit STT's here have a decent structure, bad beats happen but you don't always lose your tournament life getting your chips in ahead. I count myself the best at this level but then again doesn't everyone

Good luck at the tables, if you've played me before stop in and say hi! If I'm at the tables, I might not always respond but I do like a chat so if I've only 1 table going I'll have a chat.

Finally, please don't take all my chips!