It's funny, but everytime I think I'm really really getting the hang of this game, I'm reminded in the most unfriendly manner that in the end, I obviously don't. The past week's been a disaster. I played some bad sessions, granted, but at the most crucial moments, luck favored the other guy. Aces, kings, Queens, Jacks, everything got cracked and destroyed over half of my winnings from the past 3 months.

So what is it with this game. Even when I'm playing my A-game, it appears to boil down to winning small pots and losing big ones. My big hands get cracked, or get no action at all. My medium hands don't improve, and everytime I hit a nice flop and hit it big, the other guy hits it bigger.

And so, once again, we're down to the fundamental question: is this just the mood talking? Theoretically, the answer is yes. Unless of course I'm nowhere near as good as I think I am (and believe me: I think I'm still pretty bad at this). And today was especially menacing. First I get my stack up to nearly a double buyin. Then I get pocket jacks, the guy who just lost a complete buyin shoves over my raise and I call. He could be tilting.... Nope, he has Ace king and naturally he hits it. At another table, I'm up half a buyin and I get pocket kings. The shorty shoves, I call. He flips over Ace Ten, and I don't have to tell you what shows up on the flop.... So I was up 160 BBs, played 2 huge pots as a favorite, and instead of being up 280 BBs, I'm down 40 for the day.

And so I find myself once again at the same point I was at a few months ago. I was having a great run, and within a week or so, it's all evaporated and we're back to square one. That's certainly not how it's supposed to be going, and certainly not much fun either. I'll keep playing a few more days to reach my free copy of HM2 and then take another week off or so. because right now, I need to get the negative thinking out of my head, and I find that hard when you keep getting smacked around by the board.