I often complain about playing at the microstakes. So many people making stupid plays and catching their lucky card, time and time again defying the odds by hitting their runner runner straight with a hand they never should have played to begin with. Well, if you play the micros, you know what I'm talking about.

Still, these very people are the reason why we play the micros. Well, and because the bankroll doesn't really allow playing outside the micros. But mostly, they're profitable if you play the opponents correctly. This past week has been another shining example of such.

After a month or so of playing cash only, I went back to the 9mans. In a few days, I played 13 of them. I busted early in 4 of them - 9,9,8,7, and bubbled one when I went all-in preflop with J,T and was called by J,8. Exactly what we want. Too bad he hit a straight on the river....

The other 8 I played were all cashes: 4 1st places, 3 2nds and a 3rd. I dare say that I played my A-game, and also bagged a bit of luck. Had I not been drawn out on in the J,T hand, I would have cashed in that one as well. So basically, it was either bust in the first level or two, or cash. Not bad at all. Overall in 13 games I now show an ROI of 85%. It won't last. I'm just running good. Or maybe I've taken some lessons from my foray into 10NL cash and been playing a lot tighter than before. Playing more as I should be in these micro SnGs. And the good news: finally, once again, I am out of the red. I dropped into a losing stat after about 400 SnGs, which lasted for about 70. Ok, so I'm showing an overall profit of a whopping $2.71 in 475 games, but still - it's a profit and I'm on the way back. Now all I need is stay on the right track.

So let me just share with you a hand from the last SnG I played, that clearly demonstrates why we play the micros....

We've been 3handed for about 3 orbits now. I have over 6k, the villain has 2.7k, and I am dealt pocket 9 in the Big.

Erm, right. Brilliant call Fortunately this time he didn't hit his miracle card on the river. They don't always hit it