Since my return to the felt this month, I've picked up again with both the Sit-n-Gos and the cash games. I have more fun in the SnGs I think, but I keep on playing cash, despite the disadvantages.

Well, honestly speaking, SnGs and cash games both have their ups and downs. The biggest down at the latter is obviously the bigger risk. Well, that risk is controllable of course, and once you get an idea about how the others at your table play, you can profit.

Or donk off all your chips unnecessarily. I am rather good at that to be honest. At the 4NL games, if the opponent donkbets into you on the flop for about 15 BBs, you raise another 30, and he then shoves over the top for another 120 BBs, perhaps top pair Aces with a 10 kicker isn't exactly a hand you can call the bet with. Everyone knows this. Well, everyone with a little bit of knowledge on how people play at these stakes.

Well, everyone except me, and there 102 BBs went away rather quickly. Sigh. I can only hope to learn from these, well, the only word I have for it is "incredibly dumbass mistakes". Sorry, I can't be any nicer about it. And I do this less and less, but every now and then I manage to blow off a full buyin or more with a maniac call like that. I really gotta eliminate that bit in my game.

Fortunately, knowing you're a donkey is the first step on the road to recovery. And so we slowly move along. The end of this ordeal is in sight. Soon, I will be able to complete the task I set before me back in February: earn enough bonus points to be able to get a free copy of Holdem Manager 2. Yes I know, it won't be the miracle that suddenly turns me into a billionaire poker player. But I'd still like to have it and see how much I can learn from it and gain from it.

And yes, I am too cheap to buy it. Why buy it when you can get it for free ..... All you have to do is play enough poker. And of course be ahead once you reach your bonus points. I'm heading there. So when this is done, hopefully, I'll get HEM2 for free, and make a smallish profit off the cash games. It's a good thing their are people out there who are bigger donkeys than I am I suppose. The biggest challenge of all... is finding them.