Been awhile. So long I had a hard time getting my login data for the blog. Wow, that's just too long.

Actually, it's been a hiatus that started in March and ended about a week ago. So a good 8 months. I'm not entirely sure why. Mostly, it was a combination of factors: a serious bad run that was getting to me and affecting my game, the realization that I wasn't paying enough attention to my other hobbies, and some other minor things. But, after watching the World Series this year, the itch came back, and I started up my PokerStars again.

And immediately I hit a win in my usually $1.50 9 man SnG. Off to a good start never hurts. But then I had several suckouts in a row, 3 8th place finishes in a row, and I found my mind wandering off. "Here we go again." Which isn't where I want to be.

So what do you do then?

Good question. One to which I'm sure is no one definite answer.

For me, I took another week off, got back in, and decided to just concentrate on my play. Which is hard when you get a free flop with J2 of hearts, flop the nut flush, get all-in against top pair and watch the turn and river give the pot away with a runner runner full house. Wll, it happens. I got the money in good, I was a huge favorite at that point - he was less than 3% to win. Still, that just means the next 32 times I get the money all-in in this situation, I'll win a huge pot. I wonder what the odds are of hitting the same scenario again in, say, my lifetime. Wish I could Pokerstove that ...

Still, keeping my cool, I just played some more. Had a few wins, got my confidence back. But does that mean I'm up again? Well, in total, yes I still am. This month, yes. By a whopping $1.70 cents at 30 bucks invested. An ROI of a 6%. Despite the many sucokouts at less that opportune moments, it's a good start to be looking back on. I cashed in 6 out of 19 SnGs, and made a profit. I guess I do know a wee bit about playing this game ...