As you may know, I'm playing this game for fun. That means a low buyin. In my case, $1.50 sit-n-gos. Unfortunately, frustration is slowly settling in. I do this for fun, but that doesn't mean I'm in it to lose money. I want a profit. It's early, so it doesn't have to be big, but still.

The frustration lies in the complete idiots you run into at these levels. And unfortunately, these complete idiots are catching up way too often to beat you. For instance - you find yourself with AQ suited. You make a standard raise, the loose cannon on the button makes a min 3-bet, and you call. The you hit a J,6,4 rainbow flop. The loose cannon bets 456, just over a potsized bet. He's done this before, and you get the strong idea he doesn't have much. So you shove for another 600 and he calls. He shows A5 offsuit. Of course, his play is completely stupid with the A5 off. Equally stupid is the 5 that hits the turn, and once again you're out. End of story.

You shouldn't be results-oriented in poiker, but you should be concerned about making correct decisions. Still, that's little comfort. Yes, I had a read onm this guy based on the two hands I saw him play. Yes, my read was correct. Yes, my shove here was the right play, and against a decent player it most likely would have worked. Little comfort when you find yourself out of the tourney due to some donk who doesn't know when to hold em, and doesn't know when to fold em.

And that's the frustration in the game: you're playing good, you make the correct decisions, but in the end, your profits don't reflect the play. You learn from these plays who the donks at the table are, but that information is pretty useless. In a cash game, you can exploit these players in coming hands, but in the sit-n-go, you're out and unlikely to run into these players again. The frustration lies in continuously running into players like this.

For me, the learning point will be how to win against players like that. The only question is - can you win against players like that? You keep making the correct plays, they keep making the donkey plays, and they keep ending up holding the long straw.