Every now and then you run into a bas streak at poker. A week or more where your winning of the past month seem to evaporate into thin air. It's been one of those weeks. And it sucks. Not because I was playing badly, but because mostly I've been getting real unlucky. Shining examples: calling the donk going all-in every hand with AK only to have the donk's 10,7 still win it. Flopping top pair with the nut flush draw when you have AJ suited, I get it all-in and get called by the guy with the K5 off. Who of course hits his two pair on the river.
Poker has rarely been more frustrating. The entire winnings for January are now history, back to square one.
It's something you have to get over. It's no fun though. And today, too, is a losing day, even though I sdid finally manage to cash a few times again.
And this is where the men are separated from the rest of the field. This is the moment to keep your cool and not go on a tilting rampage destined to wipe out your bankroll. Stay calm, and hope the luck changes. There's not much else you can do...