The past week has been a weird one. On the one hand, it sucked. I played some sit-n-gos, and managed to bust out around 12th in every single one of them. In some I've just been playing like an idiot, in others I was playing fine but either got sucked out on, or got very short stacked, so I wasn't having any fold equity left, which usually is a bad thing. It also helps I lost most flips.

Today was no different, signed up for three, busted in 12th in all three. About halfway through the 3rd I decided to sign up for one more and then call it a day. A good thing too, as my luck turned a bit. Two early double ups with AA against AQ shoving on me when an ace flops, and then three hands later someone with KT flops two pair where I flopped a set. I held onto the chiplead from hand 7 all the way to the final table. By the time we were 6-handed I'd dwindled down to the short stack, but managed to make it to heads up. The 3rd hand I regained a chiplead of less than half a small blind, and got all in when I flopped bottom pair and the opponent with A5 off shoved the flop. So I won. That felt good. It had been a whole two weeks since the last time I took down one of these. It's nice..

On the other hand, last week wasn't so bad as I'm still grinding the cash games in an effort to gather enough bonus points to get a free copy of HoldEm Manager 2. In just over a week of play I managed to more than double my starting bankroll grinding down the smallest of microstakes games. The 2NL really seems to be working for my style of play. We'll be looking to exploit that. The biggest plus of this is that my wins at these ring games has been making up for my losses at the sit-n-gos.

Now for the next week the goal is to be in the black on both the sit-n-gos and the ring games. We'll see how it goes.