A few days ago my trial for Holdem Manager 2 ran out. So far, I'm not yet convinced of it. At the stakes I play, you can identify the fish and the nits all too quickly. Still, it's a valuable tool they say, so I'm probably going to be needing it.

Last blog entry I told you I wasn't about to pay for it. I also expected to need several weeks to grind down 250 bonus points at the 2NL fullring games. Well, today is Sunday, I have played 26 sessions at the 2NL tables for a total of 12 hours. In those 12 hours I am up over $24, collected 9.5 bonus points, and PartyPoker has been kind enough to donate another 150. They have a bonus every day. Keeps people coming back I suppose.

So up until now, my mission over there was a success: I have almost doubled my bankroll in 48 hours, and have made an excellent start at getting my hands on the number of bonus points I wanted. During play I managed to have a win rate of 101 BB per hour, or 55 BB per 100 hands. As I understand, that's quite good. Still - does it mean I'm a great player? Doubtful. More likely it merely says I'm better than most of the people I sat down at a table with. After all, you won't ever see me 5-betting K7 off suit, and then calling a 6-bet all-in. I highly doubt you'll see me call a preflop raise with Q8 offsuit, then minbet the flop and call a raise with total air, minbet the turn and call a raise with the same nothing, and then minbet fold the river for my last 11 cents after putting in almost 100 cents already.

I'll be going back to those tables, it's very profitable. The only question that remains: are the 2NL tables at PokerStars equally profitable?