The end of my first full month at PokerStars. Time to evaluate my play and my results. Time to set goals for next month.

First off, it's been a good month: at the end of the day, I came out $44.85 ahead. Not bad when I limit myself to $1.50 sit-n-gos, but not great either. It could and should have been more. One thing I want to do next month is have a little more luck. The amount of straights on the river smacked in my face, especially the last week, is ridiculous, and they tend to come at the worst moments. I can live with losing, but not when I'm trying to fade a 4-outer on the river. Still there's not much you can do, but argh!

The past month I've already changed my play a bit. I play less of the speculative hands I get dealt, and it seems to be paying off in some way. It does mean I tend to get to the final tables rather low on chips, which is not much fun. Still, I'm going to see if I can work on that. I also managed to grab 150 VPPs this month (just barely though), and I'll be interested to see if I can repeat that in February. With 3 days less, I wonder.

The ROI over the whole month is 21.9%. Nice, but it needs to be better, and it was a whole lot better halfway through the month. I cashed in 25.8% of the 124 SnGs I played, which is also a number that could be better and needs to be better.

Causes? well, they always say you should look at yourself to improve, and when it comes to my play, that's true. When it comes to my bankroll, it's not entirely: Looking back at my stats I find two major drops in my bankroll the past month: both on Sundays. It seems there's a lot of, erm, "players", hitting the tables on Sundays that I don't have an answer too. I can play the best I can, but as long as they keep calling off half their stacks to all-in shoves with onkly a Q8 offsuit and sucking out, there's little I can do. I know, I'm supposed to be dealing therm the same bad beats, but I'm not since I generally don't make bad plays like that. They say in the long run tyou will profit from players like that, but I don't see it happening just yet. Especially since they tend to pull these moves mostly when I am the all-in stack, instead of them. No chance to recoop. So I'll definitely be reconsidering whether or not I'm going to be playing on Sundays...

In February, I'll be sticking to my game plan: $1.50 27 man SnGs. According to what I hear, there's little fifference in play between the $1.50 and $3.50 SnGs, but I'm not going to be playing those regularly, maybe one or two to test the waters. Furthermore, there's lots of Live Training at PSO going on, and with my 150 VPPs, I can go to all the ones I want. I can also start watching some of their videos I couldn't until now. So, learning is high on the agenda.

Next blog entrty will be more like the others, so probably more pleasant to read