Poker is a  game of ups and downs. I have had some ups, and last week was again a week filled with downs. Time after time getting your money in with by far the best of it, only the be facing the wrath of the poker gods. Pocket aces may look like the best thing in the world, but after the flop, they are just a single pair. If your opponent with JT flops a flush, you're done. If your opponent with AK flops a flush, the money goes the other way. And if you're in the Big Blind and the other guys at the table give you a walk, you start to wonder what you did to deserve this.

Best thing to do is remember the good times. The time you went all-in with AJ only to be faced with an AQ and turned the Jack. Or the time you shoved with a set of fours, only to be caught with set over set, and get the one-outer for quads on the river. Statistically, if you play good poker, the odds should be working in your favor.

However, the one thing that will never work in your favor is facing the idiots at the tables. And we all know them. They are the people who call preflop bets with crap like 94 offsuit, call a flop bet with no pair and no draw, and then hit their pair of Fours on the river to beat your AK. Someone once said this, too, should even out in the end. But it doesn't. For the very simple reason that I don't call preflop raises with Nine-Four off, or flop bets with no pair, no draw and only a Nine high for no showdown value at all.

And that's the tough patch that every beginning player has to learn to deal with. The idiots will be there at the lower stakes, and they will suck out on you at the worst possible times. But also you have to remember that we love these players. After all - as beginning players we're not very good, and people like this are more than willing to get our bankroll started by donating their chips to us. In the long run, you may not be able to suck out very much with terrible hands, but you will have a positive result against people like this. Because in the long run, statistics will win, and the AA wil be superior to the 94 offsuit...