Sometimes the dealer is your best friend, sometimes he's your worst enemy. I've already lost count on the number of suckouts the past few days. Unfortunately, by far most of them were on the wrong side. It's one of those times poker isn't as much fun as it can be.

It's something you have to deal with. As they say - you're going to lose a lot more tournaments than you're going to win. It sill sucks to go out 1,2,3 before the money so often. So, back to the drawing board, back to evaluating my play. Let's see if we can find a leak in the game somewhere that keeps me from cashing in situations where I feel I should have. Time to learn from your mistakes, because if you don't you're doomed to repeat them.

For now, I'm just going to keep grinding at the tables until my next cash. It can't take long. I hope.