Wishful thinking is a dangerous thing in poker. Well, not so much dangerous as in life threatening, but definitely dangerous to your bankroll, and expensive. In the recent past, I've seen it as the cause of several of my problems. You get a free flop in the blind with some rags like 6,8 offsuit, and hit a pair of 8 on something like a J 8 2 board. Middle pair, not all bad. And then you start convincing yourself that it's highly unlikely the opponent has a Jack, so you're good. And at the end of the hand, your 6,8 off hits the muck and a nice pots is shoved over to your opponent.

The same danger lurks with the suited broadway cards - the QJ, the KJ, but also the middle Aces like A8, A9. I'm developing a playing style now where I tend to just throw them away. Sure, you may hit a big flop every once in awhile, but for me they cost me more money when I lose then they bring in when I do hit. So why bother.

The big advantage is that I'm not the only one suffering from this behaviour. So cleaning up my game works two ways: I lose less money, and every penny saved is a penny earned, and I can win more money by hitting harder on these people. Figure out who they are, and keep attacking them. They limp, they have a very loose passive image. This is where the money is. And frankly, I'm looking to actually pay for a Holdem Manager license, so I need to win some more money this month.

All wishful thinkers please report to my table...