The past week was not good for me. Somehow I managed to antagonize the poker gods, and they punished me for it. Frustration ensues, followed by mediocre play, and thus loss of funds. It's one of those things you need to get control of. Sure, it's frustrating when you see all your good hands go to waste, but it happens: that's poker.

It sucks even more when you see your AA and KK barely be able to pick up the blinds, while others are doubling up left and right with those hands. It's not much fun when you see your AK get beaten every time, whether the other guy holds a pair that holds up, or is vastly dominated and manages to catch his 2-outer or 3-outer on the river, but it happens: that's poker.

But today, things took a turn for the better. Not specifically my luck with said hands: I picked up the blinds 3x with AA, and got them cracked by AK who flopped a set of kings. My all-in 99 got called by an 8,6 and the guy turn a 6 and rivered a 6. The AK suited went all-in against a guy holding a 1/10 BB stack with A4 and he hit his 4. But unlike the days before, I tried to put those beats behind me. Sticking to good poker: resisting the temptation to go stealing blinds with the A8 suited from early position, with pain in my heart folding the KQ suited in the cutoff in an unopened pot. Grinding my way down, so that even two stupid moves didn't completely get me felted. And remembering that crucial suckout on the bubble: I just lost a big pot, and thenw as dealt 33. So I shoved with my 8BB stack, and got called by the KK. I flopped myself a set, and I was back in the game. It happens: that's poker.

Is this a completely turnaround? I'm not sure. We'll see what happens. For now, I'm just happy I cashed again for a change. Adding a 2nd place to my stats after all those early bustouts of the past week feels good. Now on to another win, that's been too long. But it will happen: that's poker.