Well, it kind of depends. The later we get in a torunament, the more likely I’m gonna stick to this commandment.

The reason is simple: it’s profitable, especially when one of the limpers is the Small Blind. One or two limpers for my Big Blind, and 6 out of 10 times they both fold. Easy picking up 4 Big Blinds. 3 out of the remaining 4 times, one of them folds. A Cbet on the flop usually is enough to make the other one go away too. And if he calls the bet, it’s time to re-evaluate the hand. Continuing on the turn will depend then on many factors, but overall, I’ll not put more chips in the pot unless I have a good feeling. It wouldn’t be the first time the limpers folds to a second barrel on the turn or a third barrel on the river. And that’s asuming I don’t actually have a hand. The 3x raise (or sometimes even 3.5x) preflop signals to the limpers you have a hand. And at the micro levels, most people don’t think ahead about how you may be trying to steal their limp. So I’m willing to make the raise with the AK suited, but just as easily I’ll do it on the 8,5 off.

Every time until they start playing back at me. Because like I said – until they start doing that, there’s profit to be had. And the closer we get to the money, especially when we hit the bubble or the one before, the shorter stacks start playing crazier. They edge around the 20 BB stacksize, but don’t mind limping. With a stack like that, limping is the worst you can do. Well, not really – limp-folding is the worst you can do. If you limp in that spot, push the rest all-in ifb the Big blind raises you. Odds are he’s just trying to steal your limp anyway. You shouldn’t be limping in this spot without the willingness to play for your stack anyway.

Now the question of course is how this strategy work in the long term at higher levels, where players are better, and might be aware of what you’re doing a lot easier. they’ll start playing bavk at you, 3-betting your preflop raise. Then you’ll have to tighten up your raising-range a bit, and I’m not yet at a point where I can speak from experience on the profitability of this play then. that is – assuming people still massively limp a shorthanded table at higher levels. For now – it works.

Punish the limper!