A question you hear at live tables from time to time. You even get to hear it on TV. What does it mean? Simply that people are not paying attention to what's happening at the table. And although you won't ever hear the question asked in online poker, simply because the software smacks you around before you get the chance, it doesn't solve the underlying problem of people not paying attention.

Now if you're the one paying attention, this is good, because you can prey on people who don't pay attention. It can backfire because they make stupid moves, but usually it will work in your favor.

Paying attention is also my biggest learning point at this online poker thing. Too many times I've gotten to a point where I start doing other things while I'm playing, simply because I play the one table at a time, and you're not always in the hand. And I have learned the past few days it's costing me money. Not because I lose pots I shouldn't be losing, but simply because I'm not being as aggressive as I should be, and preying on the short stacks as I should.  In other words: I'm losing money because I'm not winning as much as I should be.

Several times, I see I have a weak hand, and I click fold. After that, I see woops - I was on the button, and the Big Blind is sitting out. A raise at that spot means you only have the Small Blind to deal with, which makes a raise more profitable. Or when it's checked to you and you fold a bad hand, but after you do you notice that the blinds are relative small stacks, so easier to make them fold.

Even worse: you see a flop, and you lose the chance to win the pot there because you're not paying attention. You hit a flush draw and check it instead of betting. The other way around: you hit a pair on the flop and bet thinking you only have the button to deal with, but then you figure out there's a 3rd person in the pot as well.

So yes, it is on me, and I need to start paying more attention. After all, I'm not multi-tabling because I don't think I can keep up properly with the action at two tables at once. Maybe this is a sign I should start playing two tables....

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