i started playing poker on facebook, i thought i was pretty good at poker so i wanted more competition and  and about a month later i joined pokerstars. 

well my experience of playing poker has been highs and lows, ups and sowns. 

at poker stars i started playing freerolls, and about a week or so later i earned my first ticket to the weekly round 2 tournament, which takes palce every saturday ans sunday. and since than i have always had atleast two tickets every week for and have taken part in most of the weekly tournaments. 

i have managed to survive the bubble and finished above paying structure in couple of tournament, since deposits on gaming sites are not allowed, here in hk, freeroll has been a great help for me.

after i managed to get some bucks i had started playing multitable sit and go, micro. adn managed to finish in top 9 on couple of occasions. adn had collected nearly $8. but one day i lost it all, i dont know how, but i did. and since than again the freeroll has continued

i have manah=ged to finish in final table of bankroll mob too, where i was a cheap leader at once and one bad call to knock a player out turned ugly and everything went wrong there, so only managed to finish 9th.

above all, in my first month of pokerschool league i managed to finish above 1500, got got a couple of bucks there too. but more important thing was to get the points and finish as high as possible, cause eveerybody is playing for the points there and i think i managed to do that pretty well.

so this has been my experience so far, lets see how far can i go in the near future, hope is alwayus there