Hi everybody

For the context, I am a pretty new player. I started playing a bit more seriously a week ago. When I say seriously, I simply mean trying to understand what I am doing. 

Yesterday evening I registered for a "PokerSchool Open Skill League" tournament with 10'000 other players. I did not expect much. Maybe survive half an hour if I get lucky. I do not think that I would be writting this blog if I had busted early in the tournament. In fact things went way better than expected.

Overall I played pretty conservatively. Playing, calling or raising with hands I am comfortable with. Especially I am happy that I only called all-ins when I was in a good spot. Of course, I did not win all of them but I was able to get a nice stack of chips. 

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

This is one of my favorits hand of the night. First Aces are always nice and second I got the maximum out of it. This hand got me going by pushing me into the top 10 chipewise. That's exactly the problem. One and a half hour into the tournament I was still alive. I did not expect that at all so I had something planed. 

As expected after that point, it went mostly downwards. I could not focus on the game anymore, which made me lose a lot of chips. I finaly busted the tournament as 181th out of 10'000. In my eyes it is a very exciting result. Even if only hald of the field played the tournament "seriously", I still count this as a success !

The evening taught me one thing :

"When you take part in a tournament, have enough time to play it." 


I will try to capitalize on this result and keep playing the "PokerSchool Open Skill League" tournament. Thanks for reading and see you soon at the tables !