Warning: I am British, I will be referring to mathematics as math




Rambly bit, not that important:

I was originally thinking of doing a blog post about maths in general, and it got me thinking about my own perception of maths over the years.  I used to love maths as a child, probably because it was something I was naturally good at.  Later on, towards end of school, I became bored/disinterested in maths.  This could have been to do with life events/mood at the time etc but I think another reason is that the more complicated and unusual the maths got, the less I saw a point to it.  

Recently however, I've become a lot more enthusiastic about certain areas of maths.  I've included the word "applied" to the title, because I think I realised that for me, maths is much more interesting if it has a point/purpose.  So naturally with this being PSO, I'm talking about the application of maths in poker.

Maths in poker

Like it or not, poker is full of numbers and sums and maths and all that noise.  I am approaching this blog not as a maths expert, but as someone who recognises the fundamental importance of maths in the game of poker.  I have much to learn when it comes to the actual maths, and I doubt I'll ever stop learning.

As soon as you played your first game of poker, you started playing with maths.  YOU NERD. The first time you made an allin, you would have counted the number of chips/dollars and the size of the pot.  You may not have understood the maths at play in the beginning, but you were instinctively aware that numbers were everywhere in poker.

As you improved, you probably became aware of pot odds. MATHS. Hand ranges.  MATHS.  Bet sizing etcetc I could go on.  There is maths everywhere.  This leads me on to a vital point:

It's more important to be inquisitive/understanding than it is to be a human calculator.

(Being a human calculator won't hurt, but only if you understand what you're calculating and why.)

For any area of poker involving maths, it is important to get familiar with what is going on behind the numbers and sums.  You may be able to memorise the formula, work out the odds etc but without understanding what is fundamentally happening then you will not be able to fully maximise your mathematical edge over the field of less-inquisitive foes.

If you don't understand something, ask someone who does.

This forum is a great place for posting any queries you may have regarding any mathematical poker stuff.  It's great for people who already know the stuff too, as re-reading something important/discussing it can never be a bad thing.  

You could use google etc to find info, and this may be all you need but be careful of your sources.  Forums are good because they will offer several opinions and usually come up with a solid answer overall.


OK class, that's enough maths for today!  Remember, maths rules! As long as it has an application.