I'm not sure if this is the place to put it, and I don't really want to randomly post it in the forum.  This is not really related to poker so if you're looking for pokery stuff, move on 

I feel by now that some of you will know me, or at least be aware of my presence on the site.  It's not been the smoothest of rides so far.  This post isn't an excuse or apology or anything like that, more an additional bit of information.  People who know me well will already know this.  Here it is - I have mild Aspergers (more info here.)

It's a fairly common condition, you may have it or know someone with it.  If you're unfamiliar, check the link and read the stuff.  Website does the talky so I don't haz to 

BTW It's not all bad, I've been told I'm unreadable in live games     Easy when you don't say much and stare blankly at the table  (Ooops, turned it into a poker blog after-all!)