Initially , i thought since i only earned 20 + VPP , i would be able to contest in April's open skill leagues tourney , something which suits me at the moment . 

I received an e-mail saying i got a premier league ticket . 

To be honest , i'm not sure how the standard is like for premier league but with 20 VPP only , the prize is even less than open league prizes . So its really not worth it to contest ? 

Looking to do 150 VPP this month and i would appreciate if i could give up the ticket for someone else . I rather had a go with the premier league when i do get 150 VPP this month and contest for next month's  . Just dropped a chat to support and hopefully they can resolve it . 

I don't mind playing the open league for this month still as i'm ready to have a big grind at that for now .