I intended to play 3 everyday though for the skill leagues but i am lagging behind already . Something that i need to take note from next month onwards .  Mid month report not bad . Current at about 190 ish at the moment . 


Made a final table out of 10,000 entrants and finished 6th lol . Hope for another deep run soon as that would be perfect for point accumulation . 

I still can catch up with my 3 per day schedule though , Deffo wont be playing 6 daily as thats a pretty tough schedule to play with for a one month period . 4 would be still ok but not 6 as the timings of the tourneys are well spread out over the course of one day . 

Till date , i should have played about 42 tourneys so far , however i am currently on 30 + i think . I'll try to catch up on the next week so that i am on par with my intended target . Then we'll decide how to push on in the final 10 days leading up to the final tabulation of table results . 

Pretty good start , but i hope to finish in top 10 as the prizes on offer are not bad . 

Been playing low limits nl holdem and pl omaha to build up some points to make 20 Pts in a month , currently at about 7.8 . Will achieve that if i keep on playing . Bankroll is pretty small , so i'll take things easy and get myself in favourable spots to keep me going . If i can get 1st lol , that'll be a nice boost . Will need some more final tables to help then . 


Thats the updates for now . Join me when the final 10 days begin . Will have another report by then . 


Signing off from OsettingsO pokernews lol