I have played wel, and then had the tilt affect.I have learned you need to get your head in the zone and I can and have had some succesful runs playing fifteen percent of your hands and strong hands that connect with flop.I am not into chasing the nuts hands if feel there is someone in stronger postion unless minimal calls.I appreciate all the wisdom shared and still struggle grasping concepts in pokerschool though subconsciously do maths to work out odds in play,probabilty etc.Reccomend free rolls and following leading players practises in play like stromg and monster pairs.Have found waiting for good hands and having the tennnacity to keep playing strong in hands and not giving it away with outrageous raises that have done like a fool and cost me better chip stacks.Am amazed with the young ones here and have faced some beaten some reasonable and exceptional players though tot meaning to gloat.


I know now there is always something to be learned and you have to leave your worries behind you so your energy is soely on the game or you wont make the serious paydirt that I should have reached by now.

Love the thinkng side of the game and dont mind looosing as long as you learn and dpont repeat your mistakes to oftne the worst one are aces for me with 8 have been silly with that hand has cost me just have to remeber billty the kid and remeber what happend to him with the hands lol.