2013 was a rough year for me personal and poker wise, nothing really went right.

I won't go into my life, but here is a little bit about me. I'm a 29 year old Australian, recently married with 1 kid. I work full time (so not a huge amount of time for long poker sessions) but have always enjoyed poker so decided to make it a hobby on the side and like everyone else make some $$$.

Poker wise last year i was all over the place, my bankroll management suck, i played zoom, tournaments, Hyper 6 max, Hyper 6 max Sat's, SnG, HU zoom, HU. So for this year i really decided i really needed to buckle down, improve my bankroll to a nice healthy amount (maybe cash some out for a nice present or 2 for the wife) to have a real tilt at a good pay off in 2015.

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