Ok so i have been playing poker since 2008, mainly NLH Live MTT where BI range from 10$ nzd up to $50 nzd. At first it was just a different way to entertain myself instead of going out drinking, getting drunk and getting locked up lol. Started playing online poker in 2010. Since then "wow" what a roller coaster it has been. The best piece of advice i was given when learning the game was "Joe the best way to learn how to play the game is EXPERIENCE AND BY LOSING YOUR MONEY"




Well he was right in a way. I casually started depositing the low key 20$ here and there and that in turn led to depositing more and more. I usually always played PLO cash games but went bust in the end everytime. Getting sick of this happening i enrolled into the PSO and have been studying up on all aspects of the game.

Now my goal now is to firstly make any cash from the free rolls and see if i have actually improved my game and secondly to hone my MTT skills at the same time. I know they say its hard to win the freerolls because there are so many maniacs involved in the freerolls. In a way i agree with that statement but what better way to test all your skills than in a field of so many different types of playing styles. 

My hardest thing to deal with whilst playing poker is maintaining bankroll management, having patience during the middle stages and having courage in the later stages of MTT.

By setting up a challenge like this, i believe that i will keep my bankroll by sticking to the guide. The only reason i think it will work this time is that if i do cash in these free rolls i'm not going to blow all in one MTT cause of all the hard work and time i've invested in to these free rolls. Where as before i would bust then wait till next week when my paycheck came in and deposit another $100 or more.




*Ok so am playing the NLH PSO open skill league MTT right now. 9598 players enrolled. Been playing for around 100mins so far and the field has dropped to 667. I have a long way to go but am quite happy with how i've played so far. Im sitting with just over 32k. So far so good for my challenge.

*Freeroll is now on break and after a 3 way all in post flop i am now sitting on just a little bit over 100k. The field is now down to 418 players. i am sitting in 22nd position. 

*Sigh, a bit dissappointing, after hours of good solid play i busted on AKo vs QQ. But happy overall with the tourney as i lasted well into the last 200 players out of a pool of 9598 players. Will see how the next PSO freeroll comes off.