The immense elevate in poker over the past several years has drastically changed gambling industry. As online poker rise in popularity, lots of players globally plays this game and huge amount of money were won and lost in a matter of days or even in hours. Poker players became known; some gained a celebrity status while others became movie stars as showed on television.

But there still many who were unsuccessful. Either they have no luck or just this game is too tough for them. Even a competent player may be destined to failure, as the life of a professional poker player takes not for luck but rather more than skills at the table. Besides being a skilled poker player, it requires certain characteristics to make it through the long run.

First of these is Patience; one does not became a good professional poker player without practice and time. Though many players became instantly popular from online site like PokerStars, they were also spontaneous to handle long losing streaks. Many professional poker players flamed out as they climbed too high on bankroll management because they want to get back the losses they’ve had in the previous.

Secondly is Self-Control; a professional poker player must be able to maintain an attitude of facing the worst bad beats, or else risk losing even more because of uncontrolled emotions. Taking frequent bad beats is sometimes visually perceived as lesson to become more intelligent player.

Lastly, a poker player must be able to handle the Psychology of the game. Any advantage over another player is significant and it takes a smart mind to be able to get into the heads of others. On the other aspect, a poker player must be difficult to read, or else he will find himself vulnerable to others who have more skill of this ability. An example of a great poker player in both of these traits for me I guess is Phil Iveyone of poker’s greatest player!  

Most of the skills can be learn and developed with time, proper training and with dedication.  

Do I have the skill to become a professional poker player?..Hmmmmmm