Poker players has its own style in playing poker. Majority play for fun, some play to make good money out of it while some play out of compulsion. In general, player’s game is affected by their mentality. Although each one has his or her reason, here’s my own opinion on why people likes to play poker and the implications on their game.

The first group is those people who play for fun. They see poker as a form of entertainment. If you've notice, they’re not particular about winning or losing, instead they just play to thrill or relax. Poker makes them forget of their professional and personal stress .They doesn't even spend time reading strategies or watching videos about poker. Win or lose, they don’t care.

The second group is comprised of those who just play socially in order to be in with peers. They might or might not be interested in poker game but play as a social obligation. This people will surely not go on playing until the end. Trust me, mostly play a few hands and then call it quits. They put extra care on betting some money. So for example if the gathering has a big betting, social players put-in just a few.

The third group is those people who like to gamble. They are knowledgeable of the various aspects of poker and even spent time learning the different strategies. Of course they play to win. Losing is a form of desperation. They are the players who usually balanced their game. Winning and losing some but always play with eagerness and awareness about poker.

The fourth group is those players who love poker as their passion. They play to win and get high on winning. Never stop until they win big. Raising their stakes and play long games. They purely understand poker strategies and implement it smartly.

Last but not the least is a group that plays for the money. These are the desperate ones (no offence). They increase their stakes if lost to make more attempts of winning back the lost money. They read poker strategies but do not implement it well because their mind is focus on the money. Poker players who usually accept losing lot of money then continue until they are broke in the end.

The question, what kind of a poker player are you?