I like playing the freeroll poker tournaments since im just an average recreational online poker player. These games are a very good source to kill some of my time at work and have some fun at felt. Everyone should take full advantage of it. It’s very helpful in starting a bankroll if you’re lucky to end up in the winning prize rank.  Poker School Online, tournaments for daily ticket entry to weekend freerolls and forum tournaments to name a few.

Most online poker room on the net has them every day.  But beware, the number of players in the tournaments can get quite large numbers like here in PokerStars, and the play could be wild in the early stages. I suggest beginners to just sit tight in the freerolls, play tight and aggressive and only premium hands dealt should be played till you reach the later stages of the game.

At the early stages of the tournament, you are going to encounter lot of "donks" (all-in players who play on any hand) that will risk all their chips to try and double up early, and since the tournament has no buy-in fee they don’t respect the bets and raises. Don't let yourself get affected to them. Those are the players that are usually busted early. I've even thrown away some of my strong hands just to be with the tournament in the later rounds.  Other even sits out the first 15-30 minutes of the freerolls. Be patient. Once you get to the later stage of the freeroll, you will likely be facing better, strong and serious opponents.  It will be the time to adjust your strategy again unlike in the early stage.

In the later stages of the freerolls, the tempo of the game gets to be better and tight. This is a game of poker rather than just an all-in "donkfest",(a tourney that's full of unserious and crazy players doing nothing but taking a gamble) . Now is the time to start giving your best poker strategy. You should mix up the dealt hands to play. There would be time you’ll become unpredictable and decision-making might be affected .

Treat freerolls seriously and with respect!  Although you're not investing any money, you are investing an amount of your time.  It’s a good training ground in learning tournament skills and to win some of the prize is a very nice achievement. Taking advantage of it is a good way to start your bankroll.