First of all, I am not a poker expert but i do know how to play by the rules.

We all know that the best and strongest hand dealt in Texas Holdem is pocket Aces and a pair of Aces beats any hand without the flop yet.

We always get thrilled and excited when we see Pocket Aces. But aces has no guarantee. They get busted sometimes.. For me, i had to take aces seriously (I only get them seldomly) inorder to maximize my chance in building a large pot and chips stacks.

I see players go all-in with pocket aces. I also do that everytime I had it especially in Multi table tournaments. The only difference is, they do it at the very early of the tournament when there’s not yet much in the pot. They put it in showdown risking their tournament and entire chips stack for just a small pot.

There are those who play them too slow, (giving other players to make their cards even better after the flop,) which increase their chance to get cracked dramatically. It’s best to play aces against 2 or at most 3 players to bet accordingly, and get some chips in the pot early.

From here on, just play good strategic play of poker..consider position on the table, and remember, don’t always love pocket aces too much or they’ll kill you badly ( just a metaphor). There's a time to fold those aces in a certain circumstances. Minimize the chances of losing it all just because they are great aces. Don’t get carried away because it's all based on the starting strength (Monster cards). The initial strength of the hand can quickly change, so try to see the flop. Then do your own tactic on the times you get them by keeping in a couple of players and build an early pot since they usually hold up after the flop.

There's a saying  “With Great aces you win a little or lose a lot”. 

Enjoy Poker!