Played in the ept freeroll and the 90 k today and played my cards well shoved with the best hands and was beat i really hope if iam every in a real big money tourney that  my raises will get respected and not shoved on my play will remain the same.  I will play AK suited and AA and QQ as starting hands i will not accept a post flop shove agaisnt my AA i will call, in  the hopes and odds of doubleing and not getting donked out by Q5 off  and the other combinations that some players act on.  Doesnt any one think if they played well they might make to a final where the money is distributed?  In the enourmous tourneys with like 40000 or 25000 players is the only way to win is shove til you bust and wish for lady luck to hang with you til lthe end ?  I have seen a post from a player that made it and know he isnt one to shove and hope, is his insight that fabulous that he knows when the board will produce- the non suck out oppertunies for the bingo players?  If so a skill i would be interested in learnig.. 

 Made the big game second round two days ago, going to make it to the warmup this month,  got two good finishes in the poker rags to riches tourneys, top 25 now looking to seal the deal soon !