Played well last evening and got 218 on the bubble, my big blind AK h  1000bb in and 1800 in reserve--   big stack shove and i think to myself AK h maybe i can get the points i need by doubleing up here to go a little deeper in tourney., wrong move there his QJ off hit a J on the turn and i am out, Dang still thought i had enough to qualify for the warmup only need 20.8 points to qualify and thought i made to my dismay i only recieve 20.04 points didnt get qualified, hmm what a disapointment but thinking a bit would i do it again yes,  I think in order to do well you must stick to your play no matter a bubble spot or not my AK was by far a favorite and good hand to play.  

 Going to try a good finish in league this month been watching reading and learning ways to improve my game and learned a good lesson with last nights play more patience more patience, and utilize every option you have to win.  Good luck to those who qualified in the warmup.