Watched alot of the sun million tourney yesterday off and on how boring but interesting at the same point.  There so much differance in play its amazing,  the players actually dont chase draws to the river and raises are respected, when a player 3-4 bets out of position everyone believes he has the nuts or a top 5 starter. so they all fold.  Which is not what i experienced in my last few tourneys, wanna hear ?/Third hand intourney starting chips 1500 i have KK rasise to 320 get called flop 3K3, ok i have the nuts right? Kings full, other player checks i shove and he calls A 3 ok not bad good call, cant blame him turn J and river hits 3, boom i am out, ? would that have happened with more advanced players possibly yes a bad beat i think so,  But on the other hand i was playing a hand mid tourney  lower stack 2800 or so- 350 players remaining /  Iam holding 88 i called BB flop comes and is 3 8 5 rainbow, wow iam doubling up,! ha raise all and of cousrse get called player holding AJ off ok iam way ahead right? turn 4 and the rivers a 2  ? So the moral of this double bad beat is was my play off or its poker or what the heck the odds say, dang i was awfully upset to say the least. in my opinion i did play well and just got lucked out. happens alot i am sure to us all.  

 That  was yesterday, glad they were freerolls., onto today need some big finishes in PSO league tonight, need 20 + points and 2 tourneys to get them, hmmm, i know i got my work cut out for me!  Almost called in work today to play the early tourney to get quailified in the warmup but gotta make a liveing but really love the competition in the warmup and the almighty dream of a chance of winning big!  gotta love the game see ya on the felt!!