The other day i was playing in a pso tourney and had a nice chip stack, therefore i was being a bit aggressive but yet folding the bad ones, Question is my hand AK s- i raise and get a call i reraise and shove all in the player that call calls again holding  his QJ off against my AKs, flop offers nothing to either of us and turn zero then the nasty river hits a queen, surely i had the better starting hand and him being so close in chips and early in the tourney what would he have been thinking calling my reraise, poker offers many variables but dang it why would a player shove with QJ off when he was in good position in the tourney and risk losing, well anyways shook that off and haveent played since due to time issues but another lessoned learned, dont shove in the pso til you see the river and got em drawing dead.  Then hollar when you win, till next tourney gl all and hope yo ucan dodge the bullets and monkeys firing them.