well posted  big day to play yesterday and all morning was marginal getting took out by cards, players and my own foolish mistakes,  as how it goes, did get a top 50 finish in league a rookie ticket and made it deep into the pso warmup but made a really foolish play and the rest was history.  One thing i found out that seemed very indifferant to me was i was on a table and  i started at the table with 1300 and made some big shoves and calls with  like AA, AJs, hit a set of 8 and after bout 20 hand on the table my chips were liek 6500 - 7000 first 20 min in to tourney, then some player started disrating my play and game and just wanting to get under my skin, the wierd part is i was never in a big pot with him. Some people???? My play wasnt donk style so he must of been on mental tilt,.. GL all see ya at the tables.