First off been playing in the pso warmup  tourney and learning tons, last evening was playing relatively tight and for some reason there was a couple players that were on me like glue calling my blinds, re raising my raises and shoveing  early, well i was determined to hold out and i did, folding ok hands and some high pocket pairs, and finally first demon iam holding AK s raise and of course get called boring flop and i shove again get called by A 10 off turn hits 10 and poof the river gets my king, one down one to go.  Moved to another table,  then the perfect hand happens holding 22 utg and i call flop  2 A 2 boom i hit mild raise and gets called turn J   i check-- raise at me i call river shows a J-- I big bet and get a shove and i call!!!! The other player had A J which boated him but hey  4  2s kicks the boat!!!!!  And that other player that was on me like crazy earlier, got em too AA shove called by 99 they were out so i made it to the second pso warmup sat in two weeks!! Question is why am i doing good at the warmup tourney and nothing in pso league early outs and i seem to be playing the same?  Better players ? Great cards, lady luck  or am i reconizing the the play against better players and i can play my game better when i know whats at the other end,, seems to be i play good hands inthe pso and reads are good but get yanked out alot ?  good luck to all see ya in the satilite