Hello all,

My name is Nick and I am a new poker player, big fan of Daniel Negreanu and xflixx folower. I hate players that go all in 6 times in a row at the begining of a tourney  and love playing good hands  (but not all in )
Here is an example of a good hand:

I choosed online2014 nickname because this will remind me the year that I started playing online poker  (hope this will be a long term ocupation)

I started depositing around 20$ with 20$ free and lost them quickly . The frustration made me deposit another 10$ and another 10$ and lost around 80$ this because not knowing some basing terms like bankroll management and without having any playing strategy.
Thanks to pokerschoolonline I started to play smart and avoid another 0 bankroll. The mental poker game make sense now for me.

Another problem that I had was in tournaments where I climbed and cannot managed the big stakes. After reading, watching videos and playing more freerols I reached a few final tables and a 2nd place to 360 SNG. I have a lot to learn but for now on I have a strategy.

Now I have a bankroll of 21$ and I want to share with you my evolution. So I will try to post almoast every day my play history. This will help me managing my bankroll and maybe other new players like me.

Hope you will enjoy!

PS: I will also submit my blog for PBC2014 so if you like it...vote it

PPS: Sorry for my bed english (not my native language)

Online poker player from 2014...online2014