Well after a hundred odd years at 25 hours a day......seriously though about 3 or 4 yrs hard slog,i finally cracked a decent 1st place in a $3:30 bounty builder progressive knockout tournament.

I knew id crack a half decent 1 sooner or later and been getting alot more consistent.so after countless hours and much abuse hurled at various poker sites [sorry again lol]i finally land a good 1.most money ive had in my life is $1300 n most weeks its struggle to find 10 or 20 bucks to throw at poker ,but i love it,i get so much more enjoyment than i would  spending it any other way and it keeps me occupied with the possibility of returns. not huge money but a huge victory that has totally rekindled my enthusiasim.what i have learnt is that it is a state of mind more than anything,thats half the battle right there Being able to keep the bounty on my own head was a total bonus as it pushed me over the 1k mark for the first time ever.Having added a cool $1062 to my bankroll i promptly jumped on a $30 spin n go and WOW hehe it lands on $750.After somewat of a battle and the most intense 3 man table ive ever played i found myself making 2 cashouts of 4 figures NZD within 24 hours.Absolutely stoked to say the least.  Finally getting there,cheers Pokerstars for your very prompt payment too.very impressed and very much appriciated.