Been thinking unseriously about creating a gang called the I.P.C.(international poker community)

                 The Simple Facts

We would alredy have all the guns we need,not only AKs  38s 45s and so forth but also every top ranking poker players (some serious guns there) and all the bullets (AhAdAcAs)to go with them.

We would have members from many other gangs presigned,telling their pres "well i cant NOT play poker.

everyone gets to be the dealer without possibility of imprisonment and no profits would need to be laundered(although some players may be taken to the cleaners

every member will have won many showdowns but upon losing a showdown noone needs to die

We would have sailboats (44) for the holidays complete with fish hooks(JJ) and of course plenty of fish,also plenty of donkeys to make life easier

communication between members would leave N.A.S.A. in our dust

No other occupation could guarantee raises everyday.

No need for anyone to be lonely...just call someone HELLO

Every man could have two or more queens (although caution is advised)

Likewise every woman could play with two or more kings now and then (almost guaranteeing a win)

We would have lumberjacks(7J)supplying timber to build our stacks

Hell,we would even have walking sticks(77)for our older members

Would never be short of food as chips are in constant supply(and fish)not to mention ducks(22)even the ducks get a win now and then

Then of course for our more should i put it....ruthless players...we could chuck in some german virgins(99)...simply couldnt be omitted

The only things stolen would be the blinds(get a better view then) or the pot(shouldve hidden it better)

Last but not least if you google it there are so many I.P.C.s in existence that we could send their members a pack of cards,add them to our books and tell them they are members of our I.C.P thus skyrocketing numbers to global domination proportions like 50 kazillion members

Then we could all be like 9YEAH BOI0....even if it was a chick...just be like 9YEAH BOI0

United we sit...divided we stand(all-in)

Whats really funny is ...i dipped into a box of records to rest the paper on while i wrote this....the name of the album  haha no way"REILLY    Ace of Themes   str8 up lol.