Well i might have stopped the downhill slide or at least slowed it to a crawl. Made 125th in last nights skills league game. Also tried the poker rags to riches game and got 14th, i was chipped up to about 7th, but i got married to trip queens and pokerstars likes to give out 1 card flush presents to anyone who wants them this week. It was nice to get deep in a tourney though.
 My wife is gone to get the rental car, likely be a couple of weeks before we see ours again, deer did i bit more damage than we thought, and the still haven't managed to get the hood open, so there might be broken parts underneath, pretty sure the latch is smashed.
 My dog also could barely walk the other day, vet bill later, it seems he has vertebrae pushing on his spine. So even if we crate him and only let him out for his business, he could just slip on the snow the wrong way and be paralyzed.
 From Oct on this year has gone for a complete shit, lets hope I can hit the 2 outer on the river and bring it around by 2011.