Rank is going down today, full house on the turn all in , run into quad 3's. Up and down like a freaking yoyo, last little while. Ninety percent of the the time the play is so horrible you can't give anyone credit for a hand. Constantly see someone trying to be the table hero and raising up every street, you wait for good cards and their 4,3 hits a full house. There is such a thing as variance but holy ****, when is it going to swing the other way This is straight up top 10 hands, play position and play it hard when you hit, patience is supposed to pay off, every book, every blog. Play tight and play patient, seems studity pays better online.
 This morning's screwup took me down to 464

Dec 20 -- Afternoon:
  PSO Warmup: out early caught AQ ace on flop, lost to AK higher kicker. No raise preflop sneaky bastard
  Facebook Freeroll: won a $0.10 Facebook League Ticket
  Facebook League $0.10: used yesterdays ticket to play, got 436 for $0.18 cashout