Well getting donked out at 1000 yesterday didn't ruin my rank as bad as i had originally thought, only up to 572. Didn't do too much today, played castle age on facebook a bit, tried a mah jong game that i actually found hard, you only have so much time and the tiles all look so similar.

 Poker well i eventually got around to playing today, 3 games all at the same time, i get less bored and can do all the math necessary, 4 sometimes get too hectic for me. Pokerstars seem to make whatever table comes up on top, so it sometimes screws me up when i need to call quickly on a different table.   So i joined poker rags to riches, only top 4 go on, i was just knocked out in 17th. Got deep but not quite deep enough
Also played facebook poker freeroll and won my ticket into another 0.10 facebook event, top 250 get tickets, but the winner gets 1.10 ticket, so i kept playing and got around 96th or so, pushing pocket qq's and Aj offsuit caught an ace.
 Third game is our very own PSO skills league 1489 players today so 198 get paid, knocked out in 20th place, should get some points from that one. knocked out my QJ suited went up against KK, i don't know why my luck is so freaking shitty, seems whenever i push a marginal hand i hit a big hand opponent.