Not going so well today, missed my big game round 2 qualifier, as we were out all day. Joined a pso league game and got myself crippled by the wicked starting hand of 93 suited. Got it all back with a AJ suited. Bad luck hit though when a sitout (worst kind of evil) pushes allin on his/her first hand with what of course 10, 3 suited and catches a flush against my KQ off  with Q,8,Q flop. There is no combating complete and utter ****ing stupidity, Might try my luck later i am just not that into playing atm.
Down to 662 already, have to stop the leaking, trip queens won't even win you a hand in the lottery.

 Well i shot zombies on facebook for awhile and felt like playing so i tried 3 games tonight. Facebook 0.10 game i got around 310, but only 250 got paid, was getting blinded out and tried A7 suited, caught 772 got all my money in the middle and got A on the turn, river is a 7 of course and my  opponent has 78, so i am out. one freaking card in the whole deck to beat me of course it hits.
 Next game is the PSO Warmup doing ok, i think i was in 21st overall at this point, had a ton of people all just calling preflop, sb goes allin, kind of a super aggressive player, i have AK so instant call against him, then all around the table everyone goes allin, holy crap ends up 66, 88, JJ, KK all against my AK, so i am out of second tournament
PSO League game i ended up in 91st in the money, had K3 suited and 2 smaller guys were allin so i called figured i would almost triple up. I completely forgot about the big blind who went allin and had me covered, figured what the hell quadruple up or go out, actually got 2 diamonds on the flop and A,3  so any diamond or the other 3 5's and i would be golden, but  two dead cards hit and the bb took it all.
Got pretty deep in all 3 tournies so things went a bit better at least.
Current Rank update 672