Today my wife off work, so we were kind of busy during the day, i joined a couple of tournies, but nothing really to show for my time. My best showing was a 402/1260, i was up to 8k in chips, but we ended up going out for an hour. I had thought that i might be able to get back and play but i was blinded out.

 Nothing much going on at night tonight so i decided to try and play 4 games at once

Big Game Qualifier level 1 -- won a ticket to move on to next round
NAPL Freeroll --- won a ticket for a 0.10 tourney
PSO warmup -- out in about 26th
PSO skills league -- 18th place

currently sitting at 520 on league leaderboard, like the league and pokerstars for putting it on, but my god why do you have to bloody whine at the table for an hour when you lose a freaking hand.