well i haven't played much in the last couple days been a little busier away from the tables. of course i have run into the whiners and complainers again. was called every name in the book, by someone tilting and people who care nothing about poker just want to vent frustrations at the people trapped at their table.

 that said i am about 50/50 on just quitting the league, i am doing well, i won the wso warmup, then the psa warmup sat and made it to the final table of the pso warmup to the sunday match, so i almost made it to the 1.5 million sunday game for free. been on some really tough tables full of quality players. broke the top 1000 players for december also.

 as with anything good or free, there are still the assholes who seem determined to make anyone who even remotely enjoys poker rue the day they ever started playing online. really wish they would move on to facebook or twitter and leave poker to true players.