ok i have played this and not done well for sure, last night though when it was over i have 125k in chips and was the leader and got my ticket for sunday.

 on the final table i was in9 of 9 players and not really doing well, i don't know if this is what people think about when they play poker of not, this i what happened to me though.

i am in the bb with 10, 10
utg raising enough that i am all in everyone folds to me
at this point once a pay small blind  and go around one time i am out of the tourney
i fold ...............fold i know i will explain later

next hand small blind, blinds at this point are 2 and 4k, after paying small blind i have 3900 left
utg limps for 4k as do next 2 players everyone else folds to me 2k to call but i only have 3900 left i have
9,10 suited and push allin
everyone calls as the pot is growing and everyone has a half bet to call now
i flop a straight and it holds up and i triple up

next hand is AK suited push blinds allin get called end up with over 100k in chips and take out the ninth player at the table.

during all this i might add, everyone i nice hand ,good hand, these are not donks but some class act players. even the people knocked out offer congrats and wish us good luck. wish i would have written down the names now, awesome players these guys.

ok so why did i not push with 10, 10. first i don't think it is all that strong and you are likely to only be called by overcards, at least 1 overcard.

second reason, i was actively looking for a pot with multiple players in it, i wasn't looking for a double up, i wanted either back in the tournament or out, i was looking to gamble my way back. this may seem retarded to some but i was looking to win and not make the cut, this may seem odd in a freeroll or ticket tourney when i only need a few spots.

i was playing into a situation where i would gain 3-4 times my original chips, by playing 10,10 i would have been playing the cards in front of me and not thinking of the tournament as a whole. might not ever happen again, but i went from 9th to 1st in three hands.