ok this time i was just called and diot, it was going on awhile but pokerstars in it's infinate wisdom moved me from the table. this time i am in the big blind with AK suited, the small blind raises and i just call, not wanting to give away the strength of my hand and what's the point of raising we are already head up, everyone folded to us. the flop
7, 10, 3 the small blind raises a minimum raise, he had raised 4 times before the flop
sensing weakness i reraise allin figuring to take his raise, instead he calls with A7 off.
trouble ok, the 10 is a club so if a club comes on turn i am not too bad off being pokerstars, add to that 3 kings i can win with, longshot but i have been running good all night caught all the  cards i needed at the right times. 
turn is a K, flop is a dead card
i win the pot and craziness ensues. 
ok that is just looking at the cards, i thought he was bluffing and got paid for a mistake

now what was going on at the table, small blind is at 24k in chips, i have around 8k, each and every turn around the table he raises me out of my big bling, small blind and button. i don't know this guy at all but he seems to be the table sherrif/bully, he knows more about poker than anyone. constantly pushing people out of pots with bets that would cripple them if they lose. fine thats poker.
having said that any AA, KK, or AK i was going to be allin no matter what with this guy, i already had i planned 20 minutes before it happened. it was the situation at the table that caused the allin, it had very little to do with the cards after i seen AK, if the flop was 789 or all a different suit i might have let it go.
he was pushing and bullying everyone and put a target on his back, everyone at that table was just waiting to get a good hand and take this prick out. he has or had no clue on his image at the table, pretty sure everyone at the table was smiling when he finally got his, i won't apologize for playing AK strong or reraising with A high, against someone who has proven they will play any  two cards. if you are going to play ultra aggressive, you will gain alot of chips for sure, but you will also lose em just as quick, don't bitch at everyone else when you overplay your cards and lose chips.