last night i made it into the money. small amount to be sure, and from a couple of bad tournies i am currently running right at 1500 again. during the start of this tournament i ended up down a quite a bit, i have about 180 chips at one point. during my comeback i encountered someone on one site that was playing in another tournament at the same time. situation, i end up with AKsuited. having just comeback from almost nothing i was playing fairly tight. longs story short on the turn i had to call an all-in with flush draw and a gut shot straight with a Q. i put guy on trip jacks or pocket q's so there go my queens.  he has been the table hero and telling everyone how to play, so about 20-30% chance he is bluffing i decide to call. he turns over pocket kk's, i catch an ace and win the hand. any ace, queen or heart i still wound have won the hand. pretty strong drawing hand that even had i seen kk's i still might have called. at any rate he goes off for about 20 minutes whining about the call.
 then once he is out of the first tourney he contiunues onto the second tourney telling them all about it also. these people had to idea what happened nor did i explain, but watched his tilt his way out of the second tournament. 
 if you cannot handle being ourdrawn, by a perceived worst hand,then you had better just quit now. i did have a better expected value and would play any strong draw against the table sheriff's and bullies., you cannot keep your composure in a freeroll then you better not put your hard earned money down at any table.
 there is no conspiracy against you, i am not a bot, i am not cheating. i do not care one whit about you in any way. i do pot odds, table odds. the math. sometimes i make mistakes and win the hand. grow up and get over yourself i found it offensive to the game that i love to play.