Today when I go run I 've I increased the distance but it only the good news for today.I was so lazy I finisced to work at 4 but I lost a lot of time random and I arrived at home at 5.30,and when I arrived I did well only the gim.Probably between the next goal there is the ban of youtubeI lost to much time this site.

Poker I play about 500hands but without my brain and for my luky I lost only 8dollars but is no good and before this upadate I play 3spin and go to pass the time,It is so fun.

Tomorrow is my last day at work before the holiday

I finish this update with a question,I'm italian and have seen on a series of video that I'm intersting the name is GAME THEORETICAL OPTIMAL aka gto by ZAIBAKK I try to find on the but I don't found.

If anyone can help me,telling me where I can see them,I wold be very grateful